GODCURSED was initially conceived in 1999 by sole member Chris Shaver but did not come into being until 2004.  Between 2005 and 2010, 5 albums were released (Domain, Past Life Strife, The Blood Door, Sunrise Ad Subnoctem, Abyss) before a period where activity became somewhat sporadic.  In 2011 work began on a 6th album but interest in other projects and pending changes brought about a delay in its release.  In 2012, Chris considered merging his projects and cancelled work on the album.  In 2013, upon abandoning the merger, a compilation (Edicius) was released as a symbol of the continuation of this project.  The Sixis Series was developed and after releasing a single (A Sleeping Anger Wakes) Volumes 1-3 in this Series were released (Skeleton Heart, Order Or Order, Corpse Within A Corpse).  Soon after the release of these albums, the merger plan was again considered and in January 2014, together with MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH, GODCURSED became part of the merger called VHOD.  

The VHOD merger ceased in early 2017 (VHOD would continue now as a seperate project from those involved in the merger) and GODCURSED was again relaunched.  A brand new EP (The Demon Wax) was released in September of 2017.  It is currently unknown whether future activity will continue.

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