WORMS OF THE BIRTH was conceived in 2011 by sole member Chris Shaver as a platform to release reworked MORBID DARKNESS material from the 1989-1991 era.  In autumn 2011, 3 brand new singles (Harlequin Birth, Squirming Beneath Your Skin, Dawn Of The Parasite) were released which took on a new quasi-gore concept.  An EP (Worms Of The Birth) was also released which included reworked MORBID DARKNESS songs from 1989-1990 and 2 cover songs.  A follow up to the EP was in the works sporadically between 2012 and 2013, said to be a reworked collection of MORBID DARKNESS songs which originally were to be that bands first 1990 demo (The Mourning After - unfinished).  Because WORMS OF THE BIRTH became part of the merger known as VHOD, the release was cancelled.  

The VHOD merger ceased in early 2017 (VHOD would continue now as a seperate project from those involved in the merger) and WORMS OF THE BIRTH was again relaunched.  WOTB released The Mourning After in May 2017 and a new full-length, (G)Hosts in June 2017.  It is currently unknown whether future activity will continue.

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